Laser printer creates 3D holograms with “unprecedented level of detail”

A new 3D laser printer that “produces digital 3D holograms with unprecedented level of detail and realistic colors,” which offers a wider field of view, higher resolution and better color rendering than previous systems, as reported in the press release which presents the research which appeared in Applied Optics, was created by a research group of the Optical Society (OSA).

This new “printer” can create holograms with very wide fields of view and complete parallax using a particular photographic material that the same researchers behind this study have designed.
Thanks to the holograms with complete parallaxes it is possible to reconstruct an object that can be viewed from the direction with a field of view up to 120 ° degrees. The same models can first be generated on the computer, also by means of scans acquired with particular scanners.

According to the researchers, this new printer, called CHIMERA, can be useful for creating copies of objects in color and at high resolution, naturally in 3D, to be exhibited, for example, in museum or art galleries so that you can look at the same object in every detail even if it is not really present on site. And all without the user having to use particular devices or equipment, such as glasses.

“Our 15-year research project aimed to build a hologram printer with all the benefits of previous technologies by eliminating the disadvantages known as expensive lasers, low print speeds, limited field of view and unsaturated colors,” said Yves Gentet in the statement (one of the leaders of the research team). “We achieved this by creating the CHIMERA printer, which uses low cost commercial lasers and high speed printing to produce holograms with high quality colors that cover a wide dynamic range.”

At the time, researchers used this printer to create holograms with dimensions up to 60 by 80 cm.

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