Skiing, snowboarding and snow sports can cause serious skull fractures in young children

The injuries that children and young people can cause in winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding have been the subject of a new study presented later at the conference of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) this year. The study was carried out by analyzing a database of 845 children hospitalized between 2009 and 2012 for injuries caused by snow sports.

More than half of the children/teenagers had to undergo surgery, with 75.8% of them being male. Among the lesions that the subjects showed were fractures of the lower limbs (28.7%), intracranial lesions (22.7%), splenic lesions (15.6%), fractures of the upper limbs (15.5%) and skull fractures (9.1%).

Researchers found that elementary school-age children were more likely than high school boys to suffer from skull or face fractures. Middle school and high school boys, however, showed greater chances of getting intra-abdominal injuries.

According to Robert J. McLoughlin, one of the authors of the study, some of these injuries can also be quite serious and this should give parents due concern and attention when children play these sports, especially when it comes to young children given that a quarter of those he analyzed showed major intracranial lesions.

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