Jade Rollers – Maybe Kinda Worth It, But Not Really

We’re always interested in checking out new products and verifying the scientific claims behind them. Today, we’re going to take a look at jade rollers, which are devices with a jade stone that you roll across your face. Apparently, this is supposed to help you look younger, reduce wrinkles and feel better.

And if you head to Amazon today, you can find a ton of jade rollers for sale.

In investigating these products, and reading a lot of reviews on them, we can’t really say much in favor of them. There’s been many sites that have rambled on about them like this CNN article. However, the best article on them is this one here from our website at It gets straight to the point and just says, well, jade rollers can work, but there’s nothing “magical” about them.

Buy a jade roller if you want. But don’t expect it to do much of anything.

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